ir Gerard P. van Gils
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After more than 15 years of experience in industrial NDT services the company GEVEGE bv was founded. The main task is to deliver special services for Non-Destructive testing and Engineering Inspection, project- and interim management by erection of new construction and by maintenance applications. The company also provides support for training and education of your employees. The activities are focussed on the next market areas: Chemical and petrochemical industry, metal industry, civil- and aerospace industry, trainings institutes and insurance companies.


- Writing inspection plans for maintenance tasks,
- Advising by Choosing the right NDT or inspection method,
- ASNT level III support for your NDT applications
- Judge and approve NDT procedures,
- Making QA procedures and support by QA/QC Audits,
- Analyse damage on installations.


- Management support for improvement programs,
- Modifications from industrial installations,
- Management for NDT and inspection services,
- Development of NDT and Inspection Engineering facilities,
- Management support for general NDT safety issues,
- Certification of a quality assurance programs,
- Development of equipment and Software for NDT and Engineering inspection tools.


Specific knowledge:
- Non-Destructive Testing:
- Radiography, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic Testing,
- Engineering Inspection,
- Radiation safety ,
- QA/QC and NDT procedures.

General knowledge:
- Physics, mathematics and mechanics.